The Lyclear dermal cream contains the active ingredient, permethrin, which is a bug spray used to treat scabies and crab lice – keep reading for advice on use, symptoms, and warnings.   Lyclear dermal cream is used for- Crab lice in adults Scabies in adults, children aged two months and over How does Lyclear dermal […]

Scabies is an infectious skin condition caused by Sarcoptes scabiei, a mite that burrows under your skin. Its signs and symptoms include rashes, pimple like blisters in a cluster and raised scaly patches. Good thing is that scabies can be treated with OTC medications and doctor’s prescription as well. Even you can cure it at […]

Do your kids have scabies? It means that they are going through intense itching coupled with rashes, redness and blister all over the body. And it is quite intolerable to see your kids struggling with this skin condition. Anyone can get scabies—little babies, adults and kids. Actually, scabies is an infectious disease that is spread […]

Are you looking for how to kill scabies mites? If yes, then you are at the right place. Although the traditional way to treat this condition is by using physician recommended pharmaceutical, there is a very effective home treatment for scabies, which will give help from itching and start working within 24 hours. Many people […]

Scabies is an itchy rash found in kids and newborn children that is exceptionally infectious. It is caused by a little bug known as a vermin. The female vermin normally enters the skin through skin folds, for example, the space between the fingers, and burrows or attacks the skin, shaping a red “tract.” She then […]

Scabies is a parasitic, contagious infection of the skin that can spread rapidly both starting with one area of the skin, then onto the next and starting with one individual then on to the next by direct skin to skin contact. It is caused by very small, almost invisible mites, which can’t be seen without […]

Are you experiencing scabies? Don’t worry as we know how it feels… The experience gets more befuddling and nerve racking when you get confusing advice from every corner. From home solutions for pesticides based creams, your mind is compelled to manage the pain and the perplexity all at one time. Most scabicides can’t be acquired […]

A mite causes a common skin condition called the human itch bug, this eight-legged bug is small to the point that you can’t see it on the skin. Individuals get scabies when the bug burrows into the top layer of skin to live and feed. When the skin reacts to the microbe, a harsh itchy […]

Scabies is a common and constant skin condition that causes severe itching. It is caused by the human itch bug, Sarcoptes scabiei, which burrows under the skin. Scabies is effortlessly caught through skin-to-skin contact with infected people and can spread quickly in crowded conditions. The itching is caused by your body’s allergic reaction to the […]

Permethrin cream is one of the widely used medications for scabies. It is available as both prescribed medication and OTC treatment as well. Permethrin kills eggs and hatchings as well as adult mites in one application. The medication is also termed as sabicieds and pediculicides. OTC permethrin cream is easily available online and at retail […]