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Permethrin cream contains a bug spray. It executes creepy crawlies that live on people, for example, the scabies bug and crab (pubic) lice. Two applications of treatment with permethrin cream are required, one week apart. Your entire body ought to be treated both the times. Crab lice are small bugs that live on people, for […]

Every product of Scabiescream depends on the most recent affirmed monographs of Homeopathic Pharmacopoiea of United States (HPUS), which has superb measures of efficiency and safety of active ingredients. Scabiescream products used the most powerful blend of ingredients accessible in the natural milieu. The formulators of these products, consciously hand-picked effective, skin-friendly parts that when […]

What is Crusted (Norwegian) Scabies? Crusted (Norwegian) scabies is considered as an extreme and uncommon type of scabies. It is very infectious because of the large number of bugs found in and on the skin. Is Scabies Curable? Yes, it is curable. Items used to treat scabies are called scabicides as they execute scabies bugs; […]

Scabies is a parasitic, contagious infection of the skin that can spread rapidly both starting with one area of the skin, then onto the next and starting with one individual then on to the next by direct skin to skin contact. It is caused by very small, almost invisible mites, which can’t be seen without […]

Scabies is a common and constant skin condition that causes severe itching. It is caused by the human itch bug, Sarcoptes scabiei, which burrows under the skin. Scabies is effortlessly caught through skin-to-skin contact with infected people and can spread quickly in crowded conditions. The itching is caused by your body’s allergic reaction to the […]

Does your child or you or any of your friend/relative has an itchy rash? Then, they might be suffering from Scabies. They are also known as Eczema, or something to that effect, and a numbing cream like Dr. Scabies, is prescribed to heal the skin infection. It helps in removing the itch completely by killing […]

What is scabies? Scabies is an infectious skin infection, caused by pervasion with the parasitic itch bug. Sometimes, it is also known as “seven-year-itch” as it was difficult to dispose of before regular treatment. They normally show up in the folds of your skin, but can be found on any part of your body. It […]

Do you have scabies? It means that your life is not easy these days with redness, blisters and rashes all over the body. And you experience an intense itching, especially at nights. Well, you are not alone as there are millions of people around the world who have scabies. Scabies is contagious disease caused by […]