How To Get Rid Of Scabies With the help of Scabiescream?

Scabies is a parasitic, contagious infection of the skin that can spread rapidly both starting with one area of the skin, then onto the next and starting with one individual then on to the next by direct skin to skin contact. It is caused by very small, almost invisible mites, which can’t be seen without the help of magnifying device.

These bugs live on the skin and make it itch or irritate. They even lay eggs and increase, so you have to dispose of them quickly if you don’t need all your skin to become infected.

Who is having scabies…

You can make out people with scabies by the large amount of little red spots on their skin. These dot-like spots show up where the bugs burrow under the skin surface to look for food or to lay eggs.

Scabies infection is horrible…

The scabies infection is extremely horrible and it can lead to intolerable itching, so you have to regard it when you find that you have it, or you should try to avoid it if you see that one of your friends or relatives have it.

Consult a doctor immediately…

You should consult a doctor first as soon as you recognize the symptoms. He will look your skin and analyze the infected area that it has mites on it or not. If the result is positive, then the treatment must start.

Creams and moisturizers should be applied regularly…

There’s nothing to stress over the scabies treatments. It’s very effective and easy. The doctor will recommend you a cream or a moisturizer that you have to apply everywhere on your body, on both – infected as well as the perfect area, as scabies may have laid eggs that are not visible.

The creams and moisturizers shouldn’t be applied to the skin after a shower because the skin is more absorbant after it’s washed and the moisturizer must remain on the infected areas for a couple of hours so that they can kill the bugs.

A few creams like topical numbing cream like, Scabiescream, must remain for 12 hours on the skin and afterward they should be washed away with water. You have to apply the moisturizer after every hour or two in order to prevent them from re-appearing.

After getting rid of the mites from your skin you need to carefully clean all the clothing that you’ve worn since the infection or mites might remain on them. However, if the clothes are not worn for more than a week the mites will starve, but the best thing to do is wash them at more than 50 degrees Celsius and then start wearing them.

Remember that although the mites are dead, the skin will still be very itchy for 2 or 3 more weeks because it is irritated from the mites’ dead bodies.

Is Scabies treatment successful?

The scabies treatment is very successful, the creams and moisturizers kill all the mites, but if the scabies isn’t treated for quite a while, then there might be a large number of bugs on your skin. For this situation, a much stronger treatment is required to kill the bugs immediately.

Don’t forget to visit a Doctor when you see symptoms of scabies on your body. Then only scabies treatment can be successful.

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