Why My Scabies Itching Isn’t Going Away? Is There Any SOLUTION…

A few months back, I got a ring like patch on my right leg. It was itchy and irritating, so I treated it with an anti-fungal cream that made it die down, but was still visible. Then, after a few days, I got small bothersome bumps on my arms and legs that seemed to spread after some time.


I thought my fungal infection is spreading, so I used sulfur cleanser and anti-fungal cream spot application for at least seven days. When the bumps didn’t go away, I was truly frightful and looked into everything on the internet.

I consulted with my dermatologist, and he declared that I’m having scabies. I was recommended to follow a proper treatment by keeping the surroundings neat and clean.

I discarded my sleeping mattress, washed my every single pillow cover, sheets, garments. I purified all surfaces and changed to new towels and bedsheets each day. I was already taking the antihistamine tabs twice every day.

But still, my itching was not going away. Why???

Actually, scabies will never go all alone. Indeed, even after a good treatment, the skin disease can get passed on to individuals around you and returned to you once more. A man experiencing the scabies treatment ought to avoid close physical contact and keep individual things protected from those of others. The treatment even needs patience and time to get cured.

My dermatologist then began my treatment with Dr. Scabies- the Most suggested natural homeopathic cure that is 100% Safe, Natural and Effective.

While following the treatment, for example, Dr. Scabies, ensure that you have separate bed sheets, garments and towels. During the treatment, wash these assets separately in hot water and clean. Keep the garments in direct sun and pack them in a plastic bag when dry.

Lastly, clean the every area of your home with a vacuum, particularly the rugs and the areas around the bed.

With the correct treatment and cleanliness, scabies will eradicate fully in at least 2-3 weeks.

The most important thing to keep in mind…

With regards to keeping scabies far from you, you should adopt a spotless environment like;

  • You should cut your nails keeping in mind the end goal to expel itchy bugs and eggs of scabies that had shielded there
  • Wash your garments, towels and other clothing in boiling water and don’t share them with anybody since they can get infected.
  • Moreover, the combs, brushes and hair accessories must be sterilized as well, and bubbled in heated water all together for the parasites to die
  • All the furniture and floor coverings must be vacuumed and the vacuum cleaner bag must be discarded
  • The treatment must be followed as recommended and it must not be used for a long time period because it can bring about sensitivities and skin burnings.

Still, your Itching is not going? Worry not!

With a specific end goal to dispose of the itching, you can use antihistamine medications, for example, Benadryl, Zyrtec, Atarax, and Phenergan.

The treatment recommended by the doctor will comprise of a lotion called Elimite that contains permethrin and is sheltered to use on kids as well. This moisturizer must be applied on the body from neck to toes before sleep time and washed off in the morning. The treatment must be repeated regularly. It is not prescribed to use a moisturizer in view of lindane because of its high poisonous quality rate particularly in kids. In pregnant ladies, just permethrin is safe to use.

Scabies is transmittable to relatives, family members, sexual partners, roommates, and to the individuals who live in crowded places. Checkups are vital for every one of these individuals to check whether they got infected or not.

Because of the extreme itching, the skin can get infected and anti-infection drug treatment ought to be taken after.


The doctor should be called if you think or feel scabies has infected you and home cures can’t cure this illness. The symptoms of scabies are- severe itching, especially at night, red marks ad blisters (over the fingers, the elbows, the wrists), and all around the midsection. Or, start using Dr. Scabies for guaranteed results without any side effects.

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