Top Over-the-Counter (OTC) Scabies Treatments and Medications

Scabies is a skin condition brought on by parasites living on your skin. It’s particularly caused by female “Sarcoptes Scabiei”, who burrow into skin keeping in mind the end goal to lay their eggs. The side effects are really an allergic reaction to the bugs.

Scabies is also known as the seven-year-itch. It appears as an irritated, pimply rash with incidental tracks or “burrows” from bugs burrowing around. Itching gets worse during the night and in hot temperatures.

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Here, we will read about treatment and medications for scabies that can viably slaughter the mites and also ease the itchiness. Take a look;

Transmission Of Scabies

After infection, the symptoms of scabies may not appear for 2-6 weeks. It’s transmitted through drawn out skin contact including sex and can likewise be transmitted through sharing anything like garments or bed sheets. Since scabies spread so quickly, your doctor may recommend treatment for sexual partners and individuals from your family, even if they show no signs of infestation.

Medicines that can be used to treat Scabies

It’s best to consult with your doctor if you are experiencing more or less itching. In this way, your problem can be analyzed in time and the treatment can be given in like manner.

There are myriad natural and remedial ways to manage the Scabies infestation relies upon the one which gives you quick help. Normally, scabies treatments are in the form of cream or moisturizer, which must be applied to the affected body parts for destroying the mites from the body.

Below given are the Over-the-Counter solutions that can kick off itching as well as scabies mites from the human body.

#1 Lindane

Lindane is a chemical alternative that has been used both as a farming bug spray and as a pharmaceutical treatment for scabies. Shockingly, there are some health risks included and it’s normally used when different scabies medications have fizzled.


  • This medication is accessible as shampoo, moisturizer and cream. In this way, you can follow the guidelines on the bottle for using it, but make sure you consult your doctor before using it.
  • Lindane must be applied for just once.
  • People with weak immune system, kids below 2 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding ladies ought not use this medicine.

#2 Permethrin 5% (Elimite)

Permethrin is a topical scabies cream that contains chemicals that destroy scabies bugs and their eggs. It is  normally considered safe for adults, pregnant women, and children ages 2 months and older. This medicine is not recommended for nursing mothers.


  • Apply the cream to the entire body, i.e., from neck to downward wherever you feel itchy
  • This cream must be applied once in seven days, but in a few cases, doctor may ask you to apply it twice per week.

Crotamiton (Eurax)

Crotamiton is an antipruritic and scabicidal drug, which is a safe over-the-counter cream for treatment of scabies in kids and also for individuals with low immune system. It is a topical numbing cream, which should be applied over the affected areas.


Apply this healing moisturizer everywhere throughout the body twice or three after every 24 hours. For quicker results, leave the prescription for 48 hours without a shower or bath. Try not to apply the scabies cream on face. For kids below 3 years, this solution should be applied once in a day.

Dr Scabies Cream

Dr. Scabies is an over-the-counter medication and even one of the best and well known topical cream, which is highly prescribed by the specialists for treatment of scabies. The main ingredients of the Dr. Scabies cream are- soy and Jojoba Oils, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil and Chamomile extracts, which make it a safe and chemical free treatment technique for scabies.

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Normally massage the area with the scabies cream after cleaning the body thoroughly. Leave it for a day and after that wash off the cream. If any irritation you face, just consult with your doctor.

Below are a Few Essential tips for Scabies treatment:

  • Rinse out the body before treatment: Before applying any prescription, wash off the skin thoroughly and pat it dry. A shower is recommended to take before applying the scabies cream.
  • Sterilize all your personal things: Wash everything that you used the previous day, including bed sheets, towels, cushion covers and everything else.
  • Keep your environment neat and clean: Disinfect the entire house using a vacuum cleaner and discard the waste in a plastic sealed bag.
  • Avoid making contact with other people: This can keep the infection from getting transferred to others. Also, avoid all kinds of physical or sexual contact.
  • Treat everyone in your environs: All family members, including your sexual partner must be dealt with equally to keep them from getting infected.

So, this was all about OTC scabies treatment and medication that we all need to know! For any queries or suggestions, do write us in the comments section given below. And, to order Dr. Scabies, call us at our toll free no.: +1-844-SCABIES (722-2437)

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