How to Treat Scabies in Children?

Do your kids have scabies?

It means that they are going through intense itching coupled with rashes, redness and blister all over the body. And it is quite intolerable to see your kids struggling with this skin condition.

Anyone can get scabies—little babies, adults and kids. Actually, scabies is an infectious disease that is spread though skin to skin contact with infected person. Your kid may catch scabies from others in kindergarten, schools and nursing homes. It doesn’t occur because your kids are playing in dirty conditions or in mud.

Good news is that scabies is curable. It is a common disease that can be treated with OTC medications (in mild cases) and prescribed medications.

How to Tell If Your Kids Have Scabies?

It is not always easy to diagnose scabies due to its symptoms resembling other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The signs of scabies are itch, lesions, and cluster of blisters which are also common in other skin diseases.

The “trademark” signs of scabies are pink to red bumps looking like pimples or bug bites. The other most obvious sign is the burrow that appears as a fine thread like scaly line, sometimes with a small black speck at one end. You can use a 2- or 3-power magnifying glass to check the burrows. Besides, scabies is intensively itchy at night.

If you are not sure, you can check the symptoms on these body parts of your kid:

  • Between the webs of the fingers and toes
  • In the groin or genitals
  • Chest
  • In the buttocks
  • In the folds of the abdomen or waistline
  • On the neck
  • Underneath the armpits
  • Elbows
  • Wrists
  • Knees
  • Ankles

If the symptoms are mild, you can use any OTC lotion. However, you are directed to see your doctor if you are not able to establish that your child has scabies.

When to See Your Physician?

See your physician immediately if your child develops extremely itchy rashes. If other members of the household or the person having close contacts with your kid have similar rashes, insist them for a physician’s evaluation as they can be infected.

How Does a Physician Diagnose and Treat Your Child?

A physician may be able to identify scabies by visually examining your kid’s skin for rashes and burrows. If he is not sure, he can collect your child’s skin sample to be examined under the microscope for mites, eggs, or mite droppings (feces).

Once he establishes that your child have scabies, he will prescribe you the medications including permethrin cream, Crotamiton cream, sulfur ointment and lindane lotion or cream.

For most severe cases, a physician will prescribe oral medications like Ivermectin pills, antihistamine pill, and antibiotic pills to your kid.

How to Use Scabies Medications on Your Child?

Make sure to follow the instructions given by your physician for scabies medications. Generally, scabies medications are used in following steps:

  • Tell your kid to take bath with lukewarm or cold water
  • Tell him to dry himself naturally
  • Apply the scabies cream from the neck down
  • Also cover fingernails, toenails, body folds, inside the navel, buttock crease and between the toes
  • Wash off the cream after 8-10 hours

Self-Care Guidelines for Scabies:

Apart from taking and using medications, make sure to follow the precautions given below:

  • Wash their beddings and clothes with hot water and disinfectant.
  • Seal non washable items like toys in a plastic bags 7 days as scabies mites can’t survive longer without human body.
  • Vacuum all carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture, and discard the vacuum bags.
  • Tell them not to scratch the affected parts.
  • Visit your physician regularly according to the follow ups.

Avoid them sending to school or playground unless they overcome scabies completely.

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