How To Treat Scabies With Lyclear Cream Within 48 Hours

The Lyclear dermal cream contains the active ingredient, permethrin, which is a bug spray used to treat scabies and crab lice – keep reading for advice on use, symptoms, and warnings.


Lyclear dermal cream is used for-

  • Crab lice in adults
  • Scabies in adults, children aged two months and over

How does Lyclear dermal cream function?

Lyclear dermal cream contains the active ingredient permethrin, which is a bug spray used to treat scabies and crab lice.

The cream is applied over the entire body and the permethrin executes these parasites on the skin surface by harming them.

The treatment ought to be repeated for seven days to kill scabies mites surviving the main treatment or that have risen up out of surviving eggs.

How would I use Lyclear dermal cream?

Lyclear dermal cream should be applied to clean, dry, and cool skin. If you have had a hot shower or bath, enable the skin to chill off before applying the scabies cream. The cream should be rubbed in tenderly and will vanish.


  • All members of the affected family unit should be treated at the same time.
  • Lyclear dermal cream should be applied equally over the entire body, including the outer private parts, wrists, elbows, armpits, buttocks, palms of the hands, soles of the feet, areas amongst fingers and toes and below the fingernails and toenails. You should even treat the neck, face, ears and scalp; but stay away from the areas around the eyes.
  • Adults, including elderly people, should use around one 30g tube for one treatment. Bigger individuals may require up to two tubes.
  • Kids aged 6 to 12 years should be treated with up to half of a 30g tube. Kids aged two months to six years should be treated with up to one fourth of a 30g tube. With children, you should avoid from applying the cream to areas around their mouth to avoid it being licked off. If the child is probably going to put their hands in their mouth, they ought to wear gloves.
  • Leave the cream on the skin for 8 to 12 hours and then, completely wash the entire body. For instance, you could apply the scabies cream at sleep time and wash it off in the morning.
  • If you have to wash a treated area within the 8 to 12 hour period, for instance, your hands, then you should reapply the cream to that area after every time you wash.
  • The treatment ought to be repeated after seven days.

What you should know before using Lyclear dermal cream?

This cream is for external use only

Don’t apply if the injury is open or you have broken skin or secondarily infected areas of skin.

Take care to avoid getting the cream in the mouth, within the nose, eyes, or private parts.

This cream may harm latex products, for example, condoms and stomachs and could conceivably make them less powerful at counteracting pregnancy or STDs.

If you are oversensitive to chrysanthemums or individuals from the compositae family of flowers, you should consult your doctor before using Lyclear dermal cream.

Could I use Lyclear dermal cream while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Certain medicines should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, other prescriptions might be safely used as a part of pregnancy or breastfeeding giving the advantages to the mother balancing the risks to the unborn infant. Always inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, before using any solution.

The amount of permethrin that is absorbed through the skin after applying on to the entire body is negligible. The manufacturer states that any pharmaceutical that crosses the placenta or go into breast milk is probably not going to introduce an important risk to a developing child or nursing newborn children. However, as with all medicines, it is important to get counsel from your doctor before using this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the side effects of Lyclear dermal cream?

Below are the side effects that are known to be related to this prescription like;

  • Skin distress after application, for example, stinging, burning or Itching
  • Rash
  • Dry skin
  • Redness of skin
  • Headache
  • Irritation of hair follicles
  • Decreased skin pigmentation

Shortness of breath in people who are sensitive or allergic to the medicine

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